Timeline of Events in the Wrangells




07/24/02     NPS Meeting  Slana- Discussion of models to repair poor trail conditions

08/11/02     Closure of 3 trails around Copper Lake area in Nabesna

09/27/02     NPS  Meeting  McCarthy - Kennicott River bridge access

10/11/02     Governor Frank Murkowski asks Fran Manella to address concerns of WRST residents over                                          attempts to deny vehicle access to McCarthy - foot traffic only over Kennicott River bridge

10/21/02     NPS Meeting Glennallen  - Nabesna trail closures

10/22/02     NPS Meetings Slana, Tok - Nabesna trail closures



02/05/03     McCarthy Public Meeting - petition requesting  removal of bollards on Kennicott River                            bridge

03/07/03     McCarthy Town Meeting - Construction of Kennicott River private service bridge for locals

                  Construction of wayside involving condemnation of private property

04/11/03     McCarthy teleconference with WRST Superintendent Gary Candelaria and Chief Ranger                                       Hunter Sharp - local rangers posted signs to close McCarthy Green Butte trail without                                         notice

04/18/03     NPS Meeting McCarthy - protest closure of Pilgrim access - demonstration with vehicles on                          McCarthy-Grren Butte trail by local residents

05/    /03     Doug Frederick and neighbors construct bridging  model on Nabesna trail

06/05/03     ROW Meeting  McCarthy - formation, elections, discussion of goals and membership

06/18/03     Doug Frederick cited in Nabesna for construction of bridging in WRST without a permit

06/19/03     DNR Meeting McCarthy - ANILCA, RS2477, access issues discussed

                  ROW Meeting McCarthy - Mission statement, NPS questionnaire, membership outreach,

                  and advertizing

06/23/03     McCarthy heard  NPS plans to bring SWAT team to Pilgrim  property

07/01/03     WSEN publishes ROW NPS land Use Questionnaire

07/    /03     NPS Visitor Information Center closed due to budget cuts - Private sector rallies to build and                                 man information booth at Kennicott River bridge

08/19/03     Congressional delegation visits McCarthy - Aides of Senators Murkowski and Stevens

08/29/03     Survey of Pilgrim access - team of biologists, botanists, archeologists

09/05/03     NPS Meeting Kennicott - discussion of plans for Kennicott & Back CountryMgmt Plan

                  ROW questions “No Motor Vehicle” signs on subsistence trails along McCarthy Road

09/20/03     NPS changes all trail signs along McCarthy Road to prohibit recreational use only

10/03/03     Valdez KCHU Coffee Break program - Superintendent Candelaria and Pilgrims

10/15/03     Valdez KCHU Coffee Break program - Superintendent Candelaria and Chief Ranger Sharp

10/21/03     Valdez KCHU Coffee Break program - ROW community outreach

                  Pilgrim airlift - community project of over 50 flights to bring supplies to homestead

10/25/03     ROW Meeting - Glennallen - guest speakers from Pacific Legal, American Land Rights Ass.

10/26/03     ROW Meeting McCarthy - guest speakers from Pacific Legal, ALRA, Paula Easley

11/06/03     Anchorage Meeting - ROW, ALRA, Pacific Legal and Alaskan legislative staff members

12/06/03     ROW Meeting - Glennallen - gather resident testimonials

12/11/03     ROW Meeting McCarthy - advisory panel and group structure



01/23/04     ROW Meeting Slana - gather testimonials

03/08/04     ROW testimonial packet sent to Governor Murkowski, legislative delegation, DOI, and                                     other federal agencies

04/08/04     NPS letter to ROW confirmed receipt of testimonial packet

04/15/04     Letter from Governor Murkowski to Gale Norton calling for vast reforms for inholder access                    in Alaskan parks and an investigation into actions in WRST

04/19/04     Construction began on Kennicott River Service Bridge

04/28/04      Letter from Senator Ted Stevens announcing contact with NPS to resolve access issues

                   ROW receives letter from DOI Inspector General stating no investigation of ROW                                    allegations will be conducted

05/20/04     Republican convention in Soldotna - resolution passed demanding the State stand up for                           Alaskans’ ANILCA rights

05/28/04     Valdez KCHU Coffee Break program with Senator Lisa Murkowski -- ROW call in

05/30/04     Senator Murkowski aide Nathan Bergerbest tells ROW that NPS  has been contacted

06/03/04      Bergerbest asks for ROW list of priorities and chief concerns

06/08/04      ROW writes resonse to Senator Murkowski aide Bergerbest

06/    /04      WRST Superintendent Candelaria leaves under controversy

06/28/04      Long-time Chokosna resident told to leave home on unfinalized native allotment

07/02/04      NPS Meeting Kennicott - ROW presents list of WRST grievances and abuses to NPS                                      Regional Director Marcia Blaszak, discussion of traits for new WRST Superintendent

07/12/04      ROW attends mmeting of Slana Alaskans Unite

07/30/04      Slana Meeting - ANILCA presentation by Tina Cunning

07/31/04      NPS Meeting Slana - traits for new WRST Superintendent

08/23/04      Representative Don Young’s aide William Sharrow visits McCarthy, meeting with ROW

09/   /04       Jed Davis becomes new WRST Superintendent

10/12/04      NPS Administrative Review -ROW meets for 4 ½ hours with NPS special agent                                       investigators to discuss abuses in WRST



02/15/05      NPS issues Draft One of their User’s Guide to Accessing Inholdings

03/16/05      NPS Meeting McCarthy - Comments on Draft One of User’s Guide

04/04/05      ROW letter objecting to University Land Grant Bill

04/10/05      ROW comment issued for NPS User’s Guide Draft One

04/11/05      ROW writes press release objecting to NPCA award to Gary Candelaria

04/13/05      Valdez KCHU Coffee Break program with new WRST Superintendent Jed Davis

                   NPS Meeting McCarthy

04/27/05      NPS Meeting Anchorage - User’s Guide

06/03/05      Press release from Governor Frank Murkowski welcoming NPS User’s Guide

11/25/05      Rose Pagano article about inholder access in Alaska Magazine



03/22/06      DOI Secretary Gale Norton issues memo on RS2477 recommendations

03/27/06      NPS issues Draft Two of their User’s Guide to Accessing Inholdings

04/03/06      WRST Superintendent Jed Davis passes away

04/10/06      Letter from Senator Murkowski aide Nathan Bergerbest asking ROW to prioritize concerns                              for Draft Two

05/03/06      NPS Meeting McCarthy - Draft Two comments

05/04/06      NPS Meeting Slana - Draft Two comments

                   ROW writes letter to Governor Murkowski asking for help from the State to secure our                           ANILCA rights

05/11/06      NPS Meeting Anchorage - Draft Two comments

05/27/06      ROW issues comment on Draft Two

                   Governor Murkowski issues letter to Blaszak calling for reforms in draft process