PO Box MXY - #63B McCarthy
Glennallen, Alaska 99588

May 27, 2006

Marcia Blaszak, Regional Director
National Park Service
240 W. 5th Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

Re: Draft Two User’s Guide Comments

Dear Ms. Blaszak:

Enclosed are the Draft Two comments for A User’s Guide to Accessing Inholdings in a National Park Service Area in Alaska from the Residents of the Wrangells, a park-wide coalition for supporting and protecting the rights and freedoms of residents and landowners of the Wrangell - St. Elias Park.

We appreciate the opportunity to comment and hope that these suggestions are considered in the spirit of cooperation which with they are written. Due to time constraints, I am emailing this unsigned letter.  I have mailed another copy to you through the Postal Service with my signature.

We feel it is mandatory that another draft be prepared, in light of the numerous issues which remain unaddressed. Considering the statements made at the Anchorage meeting on May 11, 2006 and the many landowners that the NPS did not attempt to contact directly, we ask that an extension be granted on this draft of at least 60 additional days. We request that future drafts have a longer comment period, giving residents more time to respond to the issues which arise out of the comment meetings.


Susan E. Smith
Chairperson, Residents of the Wrangells

Enc:  Attachments 1 and 2

cc: Frank Murkowski, Governor, State of Alaska
Lisa Murkowski, U.S. Senator, State of Alaska
Ted Stevens, U.S. Senator, State of Alaska
Don Young, U.S. Congressman, State of Alaska